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InterCasino is the world’s first — and largest — online casino

InterCasino is licensed by the Government of Curacao. First licensed in July, 1996, InterCasino’s first real-money wager was placed in November, 1996. By the end of 1996, InterCasino had hosted thousands of players. Over the next four years we welcomed more than 275,000 players, many of whom have remained with us from the start. InterCasino is currently licensed and operated from Curacao.

InterCasino doesn’t just claim to be the largest online casino. It may actually be one.

Our high levels of security and integrity have earned the trust and loyalty of our clients. Since we have started our operation, more than 280 million games have been played and $3 billion paid out to player accounts. Numerous players have taken home jackpots ranging from $1,200 to $230,000 in a single game; our combined payout to clients exceeds 97.5% (which is greater than land-based casino payouts).

35 casino games

We offer our players the widest variety of high quality casino games found anywhere on the Internet. This includes multi-player games, and progressive jackpot games:

Included in our package of casino games are six multi-player games: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Spice Island Poker and Let-It-Ride Poker. These Six truly complete the casino experience, as you may enjoy sitting at the same table with other players and chat (and decide whether to hit that hard 16).

The Art of Gambling and the choice of InterCasino: Open the Doors to Excitement

InterCasino is more than just an online casino, it is a true oasis of excitement and thrill, attracting players from all over the world. Our reputation as the first and largest virtual gambling establishment speaks for itself. But let’s go beyond statistics. Let’s dive into the world of real gambling and learn more about what makes InterCasino so unique.

Gambling heritage and license guarantees: The path under the safe roof of Curaçao

InterCasino was granted the unique right to operate under a license from the government of Curaçao. This important event took place in July 1996 and marked the beginning of our exciting journey into the world of gambling. Over the years, this license has become our passport to the world of gambling and we are proud not only of our history, but also of our contribution to the online gambling industry.

Long Road to Success: A Story of Victory and Excitement

Since the first bet was placed in November 1996, InterCasino has tirelessly continued to delight its players with gambling adventures. Our casino has attracted the attention of thousands of players, and each success story has added new highlights to our history. Our virtual doors have been opened to more than 275,000 players and our connection with our audience has grown stronger, creating unforgettable experiences and unforgettable moments.

Inspiration from slots to bonuses: InterCasino Gaming World

We don’t limit ourselves to just standard gambling games. Our casino offers a wide range of games, from exciting slots to thrilling card games. We also have special bonuses and promotions that add extra excitement to the gaming experience. Our attention to detail and commitment to offering the best gaming experience allows us to create an atmosphere full of excitement and opportunity.

The choice of experienced and novice players: Variety of Games and Features

InterCasino welcomes all players, regardless of experience level. We offer a wide range of high quality games, each bringing its own dose of excitement and variety. Our package includes a variety of slots, card games and many other variations of gambling entertainment.

Reliability and protection: Partnership with InterCasino

We value the trust of our players and do our best to ensure the reliability and security of our gaming platform. InterCasino is powered by WagerLogic software, a division of CryptoLogic, which guarantees the stability and quality of the gaming experience. We also actively enforce security and privacy standards to ensure that every player feels safe and comfortable at our casino.

Caring for our players: Welcome Bonuses and Amazing Offers

We value every player who chooses InterCasino for their gambling adventures. That’s why we are happy to offer a variety of bonuses and promotions, starting with welcome bonuses for newcomers. But that’s just the beginning – our regular players also get unique offers and the opportunity to participate in exclusive promotions that add excitement to the game.

Inspiration and Innovation: The Way Forward

The gaming industry is constantly changing and evolving, and InterCasino is always one step ahead. We strive to offer our players new and exciting games, improved features and innovative technology. Our goal is not only to meet current expectations, but also to inspire you to new gambling feats.

Your journey into the world of gambling begins here

Don’t miss the chance to plunge into the exciting world of gambling and excitement. InterCasino invites you to an exciting journey filled with a variety of games, exciting bonuses and inexpressible emotions. Our casino is ready to become your reliable partner in the world of gambling entertainment, where every bet, every spinning reel and every card brings you the opportunity to experience the real taste of excitement. Your journey into the world of InterCasino begins here and now.

The secret of successful betting: honesty and reliability

In the world of gambling entertainment one of the most important aspects has always been honesty. InterCasino adheres to this principle like no other. We pay special attention to providing maximum security and assurance to our players that every game is conducted absolutely honestly and transparently. At our casino, you can rest assured that your bets and winnings are protected by robust security mechanisms. Times change, but our reliability remains the same, making us attractive to players anywhere in the world.

A variety of choices: games for every taste

InterCasino boasts not only a wealth of options, but also a variety of games that will satisfy the most refined preferences. Our casino offers over 35 exciting games, including popular variations such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Spice Island Poker. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out in the world of gambling, we have a game that will win your heart. Plus, the ability to interact with other players creates a unique atmosphere and takes the excitement to the next level.

In pursuit of success: jackpots and winnings

The path to success in the world of gambling is not only exciting rounds, but also the opportunity to win impressive jackpots. An important part of our history has been the many players who have tasted victory by winning jackpots, which can reach amounts ranging from $1200 to $230,000. Our high customer payout ratio of over 97.5% demonstrates that our players are not just participating in games, but also realizing their gambling dreams. Our jackpots are not just numbers, they are real chances to change your life and feel the sweet taste of victory.

Welcome bonuses and the versatility of games are just a small part of everything that makes InterCasino special. We strive to provide you with a gambling experience that will stay in your hearts forever. Start your exciting journey in the world of InterCasino and discover a new level of entertainment and excitement that will never leave you indifferent.

Innovation for your comfort: InterCasino and PayPal platform

It is important for us not only to provide you with an exciting gaming experience, but also to ensure your comfort. We are pleased to introduce an innovation that makes your game even more convenient – cooperation with PayPal platform. Now you can make deposits and withdraw your winnings with ease and confidence that your financial transactions are protected by reliable security mechanisms. PayPal platform has become a reliable partner for us, and we are happy to give you even more comfort in the world of gambling entertainment.

Interactive and diverse: InterCasino

When it comes to online casinos, InterCasino is one of the most recognizable and trusted brands. We strive to provide you with not just a place to play, but a true world of excitement, thrill and variety. Our games are not only visually appealing, but also have exciting gameplay mechanics that will give you many unforgettable moments. From popular slots to card games, there is something for everyone in the world of InterCasino.

Gambling and no-deposit opportunities: an interesting offer from InterCasino

For those who are just starting their way in the world of gambling, we are pleased to offer a unique opportunity – playing at InterCasino without making a deposit. We understand that everyone wants to try their hand without risking their funds. Now you can appreciate the excitement and variety of games in our casino with a no deposit bonus. Your first step in the world of gambling will be even more exciting and interesting.

Best gaming experience: interesting reviews and recommendations

Player experience is the most valuable source of information about the quality and reliability of a casino. The online space is full of reviews and recommendations, and InterCasino casino is no exception. Our customers share their impressions and emotions from the game, talk about their successes and impressions. Thanks to this, you can make sure that InterCasino is not just a promise, but a reality that is appreciated by thousands of players around the world.

Immerse yourself in the world of a real casino: InterCasino Live Casino

What could be better than the atmosphere of a real casino, the feeling of being there and interacting with real dealers? InterCasino offers you that and more with Live Casino. Now you can feel at the center of the gaming room, as our live dealers create for you the atmosphere you appreciate in classic casinos. Your bets, your excitement and your enjoyment are all realized at Live Casino InterCasino.

The Next Generation of Gambling: Interactivity and Virtual Realities

InterCasino is not only a gaming space, but also a gateway to the world of gambling and next generation technology. We invite you to enter a gambling adventure where your decisions and strategies interact with cutting-edge technology. What sets InterCasino apart is the combination of gambling tradition and innovation that makes your experience even more exciting and interesting.

The evolution and management of InterCasino: Behind the scenes of global gambling

Hiding behind the InterCasino brand reveals not only the gaming platform, but also a unique history that started back in 1996. CryptoLogic Operations Ltd, the company behind our casino, has received a license to operate from the Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta, which underlines our reliability and quality. InterCasino has become a true legend among gambling establishments, and our history continues to be written with every success of our players.

Continuing to stay true to the roots

November 17, 1996 marked the first real money bet online in the history of InterCasino. Created by William “Billy” Scott, a former bookmaker from Ohio, the project soon became a global gambling giant. From our first steps in Antigua to the present day, where our casino is based in Malta and operated by CryptoLogic Operations Ltd, we have remained true to our beginnings and values.

Trust as an initial force

InterCasino not only attracts players, but also gains their trust. Integrity and security are the cornerstones of our activities, providing the reliability and stability needed in the world of gambling entertainment. We realize that your trust is our value, and we do our best to meet the expectations of every player entering the world of InterCasino.

The road to success: from betting to jackpots

Playing at InterCasino is not only about excitement, but also about the chance to win big. Ever since the world record jackpot was won in December 2005 on Millionaires Club slots, our casino has been a celebrity in the world of gambling. With winners scooping jackpots ranging from $1,200 to $230,000, we have raised the bar of gambling expectations and created our own unique success stories.

Soaring on the wings of innovation

InterCasino is not only a gambling site, but also a leader in innovation. Our partnership with WagerLogic, a division of CryptoLogic, guarantees our players a high quality software and interactive experience. In every game you will experience the magic of advanced technology that makes our gambling world truly unique.

Going beyond the boundaries of possibility

InterCasino is an establishment that has attracted interest from all corners of the world. However, the operator JPG Group has decided to withdraw the InterCasino brand from the UK market. This decision is in line with the development strategy and shows that our casino is always moving forward, striving for new heights of gambling entertainment.

To summarize

InterCasino continues its journey as a reliable and interesting gambling partner for players all over the world. Since 1996 until today we have been building our success story, conquering new heights of the gambling world. For us, every player is a part of our big and friendly family, where excitement and thrill come together to create a unique gambling experience.

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