Roulette is a simple game, and gives players the chance to earn big winnings.An ivory ball circles in the rotating roulette wheel that consists of 36 numbers plus 0 (and 00 in American Roulette). Eventually, the ball stops randomly on one of the 37 / 38 random numbers. The player’s job is to predict the outcome of each spin by placing bets in the fields of the roulette table.

Roulette 12

Roulette is played with a dealer, who’s primary job is to monitor bets, control winnings, and spinning the wheel and ball. The Roulette wheel is spun one way, and the white ball is rolled the opposite direction, and wherever the ball lands (ie whichever number it lands on), is the winning number.

Any bets which are associated with this particular number on the Roulette table are then paid out accordingly to the relevant winners. Players must ensure that all their bets are placed on the table prior to the wheel being spun and the ball being rolled, otherwise the game will be interrupted and worse still disqualified. The dealer will always announce “No More Bets” when he or she is about to spin the wheel.

Players place their chips on the roulette table, there is usually a minimum five dollar bet. The table is divided into 37 sections, (the American version has 38) numbered from 0 – 36. Players have a choice in their type of bet, keeping in mind the more numbers you bet on the lesser the odds and therefore winnings!

Once players have placed their chips on the table and the Croupier spins the roulette wheel there is nothing more you can do but wait and hope that the ball comes to a stop on your number.

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