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Mastering Roulette Online

While there are some things players can do to improve their game in traditional roulette, many of those tricks don’t work in online roulette. There is no physical wheel, so players can’t attempt to discover bias in the rotation. There is no marble, either, so no defects can be discovered there. In fact, the only way players can improve their roulette game online is to improve their own betting strategy.

American versus European Roulette

The first thing players can do to improve their odds is to play the right kind of roulette. American and European roulette differ in one major way: European roulette has fewer pockets. American roulette has 38 potential pockets, while European only has 37. This gives the European game a slightly lower house edge and gives the player a slight advantage when betting. By choosing to play on the European wheel with its one zero instead of the American with two zeros, players stand a slightly better chance to win their bets.

Spreading Out Bets

Another way players can improve their roulette game is to stagger their bets. While straight up bets are tempting with their huge potential payouts, the odds are against players actually winning that bet. By staggering bets across multiple numbers or balancing straight up bets with even odds bets, players can mitigate any losses they may incur, keeping their bottom line up.

In online roulette, there is no advantage to trying to game the system. The random number generator that controls the game cannot be fooled. However, players can improve their game by improving the one thing they can control: the bet.

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