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Using Roulette Systems

Every gambling game has its own set of rules and own recommended betting systems. Some players will swear by one while others will insist on its complete opposite. Roulette has its own variety of betting systems, each with their own benefits and limitations.

The Six Pack Plus System

One online roulette system is known as the six pack plus system. This system was developed to help with the American version of roulette as opposed to the European version. In this system, players are encouraged to bet with five chips per spin. These chips can be any value, but they should each cover multiple numbers. One chip can cover as many as six numbers, but all together they should cover at least ten. This way, the player has a healthy spread over the available bets.

Splitting Bets

Other players develop their own individual betting systems. For instance, a popular system involves splitting bets across risky and less risky bets. Players will place down equal numbers of chips on straight up bets and on even odds bets. They will place a single chip on a single number and a chip on evens or odds. Because they are likely to lose the straight up bet and will probably win the other, the loss is completely covered by the less risky bet. If they happen to win the straight up bet, then any loss they might suffer will immediately be covered.

Most roulette systems are of equal value because of the pure randomness of the roulette game. However, smart players will always try to spread their bets out to balance their losses with their wins.

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