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These days, online fraud is at an all-time high and every Real Gambling Site on the planet is working 24 hours a day to combat it. The following information will help players find genuine sites as opposed to those that are fraudulent or provide poor service.

Check for Licensure

The first thing a player should check on any site is the licensure from a designated regulatory body. There are several of these and they vary by location. As an example, online casinos that operate in Malta must have a license from the Lotteries and Gaming Authority in that region. These licenses are only provided once a casino is deemed safe and fair. However, licensing logos are easy to copy and fake; visit the actual regulatory body’s website to confirm that the website is, in fact, a real gambling site.

Recordkeeping Abilities

Another sure giveaway that indicates a gambling site may be fraudulent is the inability or unwillingness of that site to provide accurate records to their players upon request. Microgaming, Playtech and other gambling giants keep this information accessible to players on their website at all times; this way, players can easily deal with any discrepancies and get back to gaming without a hitch. A real gambling site will always provide these records, either all the time or upon request.

Fair Gameplay

Fair gameplay consists of the software used to randomly generate cards and dice rolls as well as the ability of the customer service team to answer questions. This category also classifies the willingness of the casino to pay out winnings upon a player’s request. If a casino is found to have tampered with the software, if the business does not provide adequate customer support or if failure to pay out winnings becomes an issue, the casino may become blacklisted and therefore unusable.

Players who are concerned with finding a real gambling site will do well to keep all of the above information in mind. A good casino puts their players first and ensures that everyone is treated fairly and appropriately.

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